General Freight | Bowers Heavy Haulage

General Freight

Bower’s has a versatile and reliable general freight division delivering industry-leading freight services throughout Australia.

Our team through the use of Transport Management Plans, schedules to provide value across the supply chain.

Our general freight service including Express Parts, Containers, Light Vehicles, Machine Components, Jacking Systems, Agricultural equipment.

All of our drivers have extensive experience restraining loads securely to ensure safety in transit and protecting your freight, towing configurations of Singles, B/Doubles, Road Trains, and Road Triples.

The close and trusted relationship that is formed between the company, the employees and customers will together with the continual breakthrough in operational excellence, enable Bower’s Heavy Haulage to offer superior service.

This will be achieved by exploring opportunity and innovation, whilst maintaining the highest level of integrity, safety and environmental sensitivity.

Heavy Haulage


Bowers Heavy Haulage is focused on creating and maintaining business relationships on traditional values, ensuring safety, high performance.

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